Faithfully Italian

At Alfano’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant in Carthage, IL, we may change with the times but still love to cook pizza, pasta, and all-time Italian favorites the old-fashioned way. Through all these years since our family first set foot on American soil, we have remained faithfully Italian. We pick only the freshest ingredients and follow food preparation techniques handed down to us by our Sicilian ancestors.

Flavor and Quality

The Alfano’s story begins in the late 1950s, when Pete Alfano left his hometown in Sicily, Italy to pursue his passion as a pizza maker in the United States. He began making pizza in Chicago before pizza chains made their appearance. In those days pizza was all about flavor and quality, two priorities that Alfano’s has maintained through the years.

When Pete Met Janet

Five Pizzerias

The Alfano's have six children and five of them run their own pizzerias in Carthage, Bushnell, Monmouth, Galesburg, and Knoxville. Along with pizza, Alfano’s specializes in a variety of pasta dishes, dinners, and desserts that remain faithful to the taste of traditional Italian cooking.

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